How to drive your testing career in the right way

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build a successful testing career

Build a successful testing career

How it all started

I started my testing career almost 5 years ago in a multinational outsourcing company. The company was operating on the vertical software market witch is a very important part in your junior career and I will detail why.

Imagine one fact – you have to cook dinner for some friends but one of them is a masterchef – so the game changes here.

Given the analogy above, the client expectations being high  in terms of the expected quality and processes , but in the end that’s a good thing for you as a tester on that project because  the good thing about it is that you are going to learn how to maintain a high standard of quality.

Software companies that are operating on the vertical market are developing software for software companies and on the other hand there are companies that are activating on horizontal market , and they develop software for end user.

My first project was a huge custom e-commerce builded with apache wicket on UI and progress on backend.

I remember my first bug from that project was a 500 error and I was so proud of it :), I know it sounds really stupid but I was happy .

After 3 months of testing dedication and hard work I raised almost 800 bugs , the developers fixed most of them and we had  successful release.


The important few steps to build a successful testing career:

  • Don’t be afraid on pressing any button from the app that you are testing , it will not cause any harm

what that button do

  • Document your work , and here this will include  to have tasks for every testing activity , test cases if possible manageable in a tool like (Test link  or Test rail).


  • Be passionate in what are you doing and don’t compromise the quality of the product.
  • Put yourself in the end user skin


  • Build test reports and share them with your team


  • Keep your test cases up to date
  • Review your test cases with your product owner , to make sure you are always testing the right thing
  • Be open to suggestions
  • Try to automate your tests so you can speed up your test execution and you’ll be able to spent more time in exploratory testing.

Now you might aske what happened in those 5 years with me , well I worked on couple of big commercial projects, assisted “n” releases  on different platforms, builded couple of frameworks in Java, c# , ruby.

Stay close and I will share as much as I can from my experience with you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first article , and please don’t hesitate adding your thoughts in the comment bellow.

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1 comment, 652 points
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