How to get started with Selenium

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Getting started with Selenium

Getting started with selenium

When you are at your first automation project it can be a bit tricky when you are at your first automation project and you don’t know from where to start.

Most of us wants to jump into automation because of the direction that our project are taking , for example continuous integration.

Some of them just want to do it because they heard other people around talking that automation is cool or because the market require now more than ever QA Automation Engineers.

Selenium IDE:

I know some people will say that is not a tool to use to automate your project because is not scalable. This is true but you need first to understand the concept behind.

Locating elements:

We all dream for an ideal world that will give us projects with all elements located by ID and Name , to not have to deal with Xpath , css selectors and classes.


Well few of the project have that maturity level in which writing UI tests it’s a pleasure and you don’t struggle finding the right locator.

So this course will give you an insight how you can write reliable elements without spending half of your time in searching for them.

Selenium Webdriver and Selenese:

You need to have a good understanding of what selenium api is capable of , and about the selenese this will be the methods that you’ll use in most of your automation time.

Page Object Model:

A Page Object models the user interactions with the page as objects within the code. This reduces the amount of duplicating code and means that if the UI changes , the fix need only be applied in one place.

Test structure:

In this chapter you’ll learn how to structure your test data, how to handle errors , to handle the browser instance properly and create utils methods.

You can visit our git repository where you’ll find 5 modules that will help you understand and setup your first selenium project.

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3 comments, 632 points
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