How to monitor selenium tests

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How to monitor selenium tests
How to monitor selenium tests

How to monitor selenium tests

The big mistake that a good percentage of QA folks does,is not to monitor their tests, knowing how to monitor selenium tests from your project gives you an “ace in your hand”. Basically in most of the outsourcing companies they introduce automation in the projects because is cool , or because is a trend and most important to get the client money.

But just few of them take it seriously and to make the best out of it. So the usual “QA automation” behaviour that I’m talking about is  to write tests , and execute them on their local and get the html reports and repeat same cycle with each iteration.

I’ve seen QA that when thy run their tests and they obviously fail because  of whatever reasons they don’t even bother to investigate what’s happening.

So here it comes how to monitor your tests

Use CI tools to gather time metrics:


Having your tests running in a continuous integration tool like Jenkins or Team City  allows you to have access to some execution time metrics you know exactly what to tackle in order to make your tests to perform better.

Spent time to improve them regularly:

Not improving your tests will make it not to run in the most efficient time , fail when they should not , not fail when they should fail . So basically you just waisted your time and  your company a lot of money.


Run your tests as often as possible : 

Some of the people run their tests nightly or before each release , some of them ofter each merge in master some of them each time they change the tests.

So my suggestion is to try to run your tests as often as possible like this you’ll get reliable metrics and wi’ll give you the chance to fix your flaky tests.

Set max allowed tests execution time and try to archive it :

Tools like Jenkins or Team City  allows you to set a max execution time / job , so you can set a max execution time and play with it and try not to exceed it. If your job will exceed the execution time predefined try to increase the number of threads.

Here you can find few selenium performance tips that might help you to achieve your goals.

Happy testing!

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