Introducing the Tellurium Selenium Automated Testing Framework

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Tellurium selenium

Introducing the Tellurium Selenium Automated Testing Framework

Tellurium was built on top of Selenium at the current stage and  implemented in Groovy and Java.

What is Tellurium?

The Tellurium Automated Testing Framework (Tellurium) is an automated testing framework for web applications. Tellurium grew up from the Selenium framework, but with a different testing concept. Starting from Tellurium 0.7.0, Tellurium added Tellurium Engine to replace the Selenium Core to better support Tellurium.

Tellurium is DSL(Domain-specific language) for Selenium. It was made to make Selenium easier to use. If you like Tellurium language better than use that.

If we think Selenium as the “C” language, Tellurium is like the “C++” language, which uses a different testing concept. There are couple advantages to describe the UI elements as a UI module. Tellurium emphasize the decoupling of UI from test code. The structured test code makes Tellurium easier to maintain and refactor.

Robust to Changes

Test robust is always a big issue for Selenium. To solve this problem is one of the main motivations that Tellurium was created for. Tellurium uses UI attributes to describe UI instead of fixed locators. If we change the attributes, new runtime locators will be generated by the framework so that Tellurium can self-adapt to UI changes to some degree. The Santa algorithm in Tellurium new engine further improves the test robust by using UI partial matching.

How to use Tellurium ?

There are three ways, i.e., use the reference project as a base, use Tellurium Maven archetype, or manually create Tellurium project using tellurium jar and Tellurium configuration file. Alternatively, you could create your own Tellurium Maven project manually using the sample POM file.



Tellurium selenium

Tellurium: Test Creation


As you  can see is pretty simple :

  1. Create Tellurium Test project
  2. Create UI module
  3. Create Test Cases

If you have some interest in using Tellurium I will cover code example for the last 3 bullet points.

Happy Testing!

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1 comment, 662 points
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